Thought, Speech and Action
"The three matsot symbolize three things: the top one symbolizes thought; the middle one symbolizes speech; and the bottom one symbolizes action."
"We take the middle matsah, symbolic of speech, and b r e a k it in two. We place half of it between the other two matsot as a hint that one should link his speech to his thought and to his action. One's words should be thoughtful, consistent, and honest. They should lead to proper action."
"The other half, symbolic of the words of the Torah, is (hidden away.) This teaches that the wisdom of Torah is attained by the modest."
-Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Dan Yadin Ve-alef Hamagen
(Source: A Sephardic Passover Haggadah. Translated with commentary by Rabbi Marc D. Angel. KTAV Publishing House, Inc.Hoboken, NJ 1988)