The Women's Haggadah: The Song of Questions
Mother, asks the clever daughter,
Who are our mothers?
Who are our ancestors?
What is our history?
Give us our name. Name our genealogy.

Mother, asks the wicked daughter,
If I learn my history, will I not be angry?
Will I not be bitter as Miriam
Who was deprived of her prophecy?

Mother, asks the simple daughter,
If Miriam lies buried in the sand,
Why must we dig up those bones?
Why must we remove her from the sun
and stone
Where she belongs?
The one who knows not how to
she has no past, she has no present, she
can have no future
without knowing her mothers,
without knowing her angers,
without knowing her questions.
(The Women's Haggadah. 1993, 1994 by E.M. Broner)